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Fakes - eReader feedback

May 27, 2013 at 8:34 PM
Capturing feedback on the Fakes guide from Jesse

Feedback from Kindle Paperwhite:

Cover: isn’t in the right dimension, which causes the thumbnail to look smaller on the thumbnail view. The cover should be a little taller to fit the standard ratio for Kindle book covers.
Cover: Image is very hard to make sense of on a Kindle. There’s a lack of contrast in the image to make any sense. Great purple on screen though… Though even though it’s easier to see it’s a chip-board, it’s still hard to make sense of in the contest of Unit Testing or Fakes.
Cover: The title seems to be printed twice… Once in White, once in a much bigger/bolder font in almost the same shade of grey as the image. Could this be the drop-shadow?:

Metadata: Author and description are blank
Metadata: No ISBN or ASIN or even a .mobi-GUID associated.
Metadata (Amazon): No X-RAY, would be great to highlight certain topics and tools.

Size: a 14Mb ebook is pretty large. Looking at the image sizes, they could be reduced to the default resolution of the Kindle Paperwhite in mind.

Chapter 1: Should you, or should you not… seems to be an important question. Why is it in a smaller font?
Table/Code: “Click here to view table as Image” links to an empty page (the referenced image is on the previous page) This seems to be consistent. I suspect this is due to anchor placement.
Table 3: Some if the method identifiers cause the table to be broader than the screen. Causing the page to get cut off and strange word-wrapping. Can we force wrapping with style sheets?
Code samples in general: Color coding in code samples makes a few keywords very hard to read on a black/white screen. Mostly classnames seem to suffer most. Same goes for XML-doc.
Code13: This code sample (other as well throughout the book) uses a coding style that causes the {} to be very far indented. I know some people like it, but it causes so much wrapping that the samples becomes unreadable.
Instead of:
This.transcation.Add(new StubItransaction
                                                                                              Bla bla
This.transcation.Add(new StubItransaction
           Bla bla

It’s probably better to use ‘var’ instead of full classnames for readability (regardless of whether people like the usage of var)…

Table 5: Doesn’t fit on screen (not even in wide screen mode), needs to be laid out differently than a table.

Code 49: Remove the “============================================================================================”
Which doesn’t fit on the screen and causes unwanted wrapping.

Code samples in general: favor / sldfjlsdjfls / over multiple // lines. The former remains legal with strange wrapping, the latter results in incorrect syntax when copied literally. (Code 54 for example)

Code 65: put inline initializer properties on their own line to prevent wrapping making the sample unreadable.

So instead of new Item(){ Bla = 1, Blo= 2, Foo = 3, Bar = 4 };
New Item(){